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Investing by Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles enables you to gain exposure to those sectors of the global economy that comply with your values. Eurobank Asset Management MFMC have adopted an ESG philosophy and incorporate ESG factors in portfolio management, taking investment decisions that contribute to sustainability.

Environmental, Social and Governance Factors (ESG)

Incorporating ESG factors, your investments are guided by 3 clear considerations:

  • Active concern for the environment – climate change, carbon emissions, air and water pollution, energy efficiency, waste management, reduced plastic use, etc.
  • Social responsibility – human and labour rights, health and safety at work, gender equality, inclusion and diversity, etc.
  • Sound corporate governance – ethical business practices, board-of-director independence, executive compensation policies, transparency, anti-corruption practices, accountability, etc.

Your portfolio is structured to invest in companies that incorporate sustainability actively and responsibly. This enables you to take advantage of investment opportunities, while you also contribute towards sustainable development.

Adopting principles for responsible investment in portfolio management

A team of experts at Eurobank Asset Management MFMC build your investment portfolio responsibly. They select securities, incorporating environmental, social and corporate governance factors.

Eurobank Asset Management MFMC adheres to responsible investment principles. It is the first asset management company in Greece to join the global Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) initiative.

The investment philosophy of Eurobank Asset Management MFMC incorporates ESG issues. In building your investment portfolio, they opt for securities that foster sustainable development in practice, based on your investor profile.

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