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The stated aim of the MiFID is for all EU members to share a common, robust regulatory framework that protects investors

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Table Report Content Link to File
1 Type of execution venue 2023-Q1-Table1-en.csv {{data[0].txt}}
2 Type of execution venue 2023-Q1-Table2-en.csv {{data[1].txt}}
3 Average Price & Value at Price Points 2023-Q1-Table3-en.csv {{data[2].txt}}
4 Daily Average, Weighted Average, High & Low Prices 2023-Q1-Table4-en.csv {{data[3].txt}}
5 Costs information 2023-Q1-Table5-en.csv {{data[4].txt}}
6 Likelihood of Execution - Number and Value of Orders, Quotes & Executions 2023-Q1-Table6-en.csv {{data[5].txt}}
7 Best Bid Offer and Size at Price Points 2023-Q1-Table7-en.csv {{data[6].txt}}
8 Average Spread, Best Bid Asks - Amended, Cancelled and Failed Orders, Fill or Kill 2023-Q1-Table8-en.csv {{data[7].txt}}
9 Average Times - Order Accepted and Execution; Request and provision of Quotes 2023-Q1-Table9-en.csv {{data[8].txt}}