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Prospectus for the public offering and admission to trading of new shares of «Public Power Corporation S.A.»

You should read the following important notice before accessing, reading or using in any way the Prospectus on this website.

This Prospectus (in English), was prepared by the société anonyme under the corporate name «Public Power Corporation S.A.» (hereinafter the «Issuer») and was approved by the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission on 01.11.2021. This Prospectus relates to (i) the offering to the public in Greece (hereinafter the “Public Offering”) of new ordinary registered voting shares  to be issued by the Issuer (the “New Shares”)and (ii) the admission to trading of the New Shares on the Main Market of the Regulated Market of the Athens Exchange (the “ATHEX”). The New Shares will be issued pursuant to a share capital increase of the Issuer to be made through payment in cash and the disapplication of the preemption rights of its existing shareholders, in accordance with the resolution of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Issuer’s shareholders held on 19.10.2021 and the resolution of the Issuer’s Board of Directors made on 29.10.2021.

On 01.11.2021, the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (“HCMC”) approved the Prospectus only in connection with the information furnished to investors, as required under the Prospectus Regulation 2017/1129 and the Delegated Regulations of the European Commission (EC) 2019/979 and 2019/980, as currently in force, and law 4706/2020. The aforementioned approval shall not be considered as an endorsement of the Issuer or the New Shares. Prospective investors should make their own assessment as to the suitability of investing in the New Shares. This Prospectus will be valid for a period of one year from its approval by the Board of Directors of the HCMC.

The Prospectus, as approved on 01.11.2021 by the Board of Directors of the HCMC, will be available to investors, as per art. 21 para.2 of Regulation (EC) 2017/1129, from 01.11.2021 in electronic form on the websites of: ATHEX (, HCMC (, the Issuer (, the Lead Underwriters, i.e. National Bank of Greece (, Alpha Bank (, Eurobank (, Piraeus Bank (, Euroxx Securities ( and the Underwriter Optima Bank (

In addition, printed copies of this Prospectus will be made available during the Public Offering period to investors at no extra cost, if requested, at the premises of the Issuer, as well as at the branch network of the Lead Underwriters and the Underwriter in Greece.

In the event of any significant new factor, material mistake, or material inaccuracy relating to the information included in this Prospectus which may affect the assessment of the New Shares of the Issuer and which arises or is noted between the time when this Prospectus is approved and the closing of the Public Offering period or the delivery of the New Shares, whichever occurs first, a supplement to the Prospectus shall be published in accordance with Article 23 of the Prospectus Regulation, in accordance with at least the same arrangements made for the publication of the Prospectus.

Distribution of the documents or other information contained in this webpage may be restricted in some jurisdictions. This webpage and its content do not in any way constitute an offer for sale or the solicitation to buy any securities in any jurisdiction where such offer, sale or solicitation is unlawful to do so.
Furthermore, the New Shares described in the Prospectus are not registered and will not be registered, in accordance with the respective securities law regulations, in any jurisdiction except Greece, and may not be offered, sold or delivered, in any jurisdiction where it is unlawful to do so. Consequently, copies of this Prospectus shall not and will not be posted or delivered or sent, in any way, to any jurisdiction, where such offer or solicitation would be unlawful.
Finally, investors outside of Greece or investors subject to the legislation and jurisdiction of other countries may be forbidden to exercise any rights deriving from the New Shares, regardless of whether they participated in any way in the Public Offering, as the latter is exclusively addressed to the Greek market and is governed by Greek law.

If you are viewing or accessing this website from the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Japan and / or any other country other than Greece, where such offer or sale as described above is not permitted by that jurisdiction’s applicable law, please leave the website.

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