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Eurobank, emphasizing on the benefits that arise for environment protection by reducing paper consumption through distributing information by electronic means will, gradually, implement all its periodic notifications on customers’ account transactions, only electronically, acting also under the European Directive PSDII.

From December 31, 2020 (31/12/2020), the periodic update will cease to be implemented though sending the hard copy of the statement by post and it will be done by electronic means. The above-mentioned change refers to deposit accounts of individuals and professionals used for making payments (withdrawals, deposits, transfers, payments of organizations etc.)

This initiative is part of the Bank's long-term strategy to serve the principles of environmental sustainability, social responsibility and proper corporate governance (ESG - Environment, Society, and Governance). Eurobank has signed the Principles of Responsible Banking, reaffirming its commitment to contribute towards the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Under current, difficult times, due to the pandemic crisis, this move gains benefit, by reducing the risks wide post usage might pose for public health.

Information will be provided directly through the e-statement service of Eurobank’s e - Banking, as long as the customer has e - Banking codes, free of charge and with the same frequency as the Bank has been providing, so far, information by sending a hard copy statement, in physical form, to customers that hold simple deposit accounts informing them for their accounts’ movements. In the case a customer does not have e-Banking codes, he can obtain them online, easily and quickly or by calling on EuroPhone Banking (210 9555000), from his premises, through his debit or credit card and his mobile phone, without having to visit a branch of the Bank.

Very soon, the Bank will also communicate with customers on a personal base, for the activation of the service, in the context of the new digital tools Eurobank is planning, so that customers will be able to receive electronic copies of their account movements, via e-mail or sms on the mobile.

A precondition for this change in the way of providing information is the modification of the relevant term of the existing payment services contract. At this stage, the change refers to simple deposit accounts for individuals and professionals.

The full text of the contract, as it will be valid, with the amendments, is available at ( In case of disagreement, customers will be able until the end of 2020, to contact EuroPhone Banking or The amendment will take effect from 31-12-2020._