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Eurobank was awarded as The Best Treasury and Cash Management Bank for 2023 by the internationally renowned Global Finance magazine for the 9th consecutive year highlighting the Bank’s commitment to providing high quality transactional services to its customers.

The Bank's leading position in Cash Management services in Greece, among domestic and international banks operating in the country, was also recognized by the prestigious Euromoney magazine, which ranked Eurobank 1st, in the Market Leader Cash Management Non- Financial Institutions Survey for the 7th consecutive year and 1st in the Best Service Cash Management Non- Financial Institutions Survey for the 11th time, in the context of the annual Euromoney Cash Management Survey.

The successive international distinctions, in a rapidly evolving environment in Transaction Banking, constitute a significant recognition of the efficient, innovative solutions offered by Eurobank's Transaction Banking Division to companies, through a wide range of advanced services for modern cash management. Moreover, the Bank is implementing an ambitious investment programme in digital banking, adopting the innovative Phygital approach that utilizes cutting-edge technologies in balance with the human factor, offering well-designed, modern solutions aimed at facilitating the daily operations of companies.

The Transaction Banking Sector includes smart digital direct debit solutions with integrated automation of the interface with the company's systems, execution of individual and mass payments, as well as secure processing of international trade transactions. At the same time, the Bank has integrated networking, information and best international practice promotion activities offering reliable solutions to companies in order to accelerate their digital transformation as well as enhance extroversion and competitiveness. Among these are the award-winning international trade portal Exportgate and the Digital Academy for Business, an integrated platform to enhance business competitiveness.

Through a multi – level evolution process, Global Finance, selects the organizations that stand out for their performance in the international financial community, assessing data on profitability, market share and reach, customer service, price competitiveness and service/ product innovation. The independent research by the magazine’s editorial team was based on recommendations from executives and industry experts, enhancing the evaluation’s credibility. Similarly, Euromoney awarded the distinctions to Eurobank, rewarding the strategy of its operating model. The distinctions reflect the recognition of the business community, following an extensive questionnaire survey (29,000 traders) conducted by Euromoney. Greek and multinational companies participated in the survey to evaluate the provided services regarding the effectiveness of cash flow management, answering questions on the completeness and level of offered services, the evaluation of human resources and digital services.

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