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Eurobank Research ranked first, as the most accurate economic forecaster for its overall projections for the Greek economy in the context of the Focus Economics Analyst Forecast Awards 2024.

In addition, it achieved top performance that consistently placed it in the top three forecasters for the accuracy of its estimates for key macroeconomic indicators regarding the Greek, Cypriot and Serbian economies.

These significant distinctions, announced by Focus Economics, the leading international provider of economic analysis and forecasts for 198 countries, certified the Group's long-standing commitment to providing scientifically sound macroeconomic analysis for Greece and the markets it monitors.

The emergence of Eurobank Research, under Dr. Tassos Anastasatos, Eurobank Group Chief Economist, as the most accurate forecaster for its overall 2023 forecast for Greece, compared to all domestic and international organizations participating in the Focus Economics survey including major international banks, credit rating agencies, insurance companies and Greek systemic banks, consolidates the Group's leading position in providing reliable financial information and analysis in the country.

According to the Focus Economics Analyst Forecast Awards 2024:

  • For Greece | Eurobank Research ranked 1st for its overall forecast, among all domestic and international organizations that participated in the survey. In addition, its forecasts emerged among the top three for all key macroeconomic indicators as it gained the 3rd place for the GDP forecast, the 1st for the Fiscal Balance, 2nd for the Inflation and 2nd for the Current Account.

It is worth noting that this is the first time that an organization ranks in the top three forecasters for its estimates in all variables, since 2015 that the relevant research records are available.

  • For Cyprus | Eurobank Research is among the top three most accurate forecasters overall for its projections for the Cypriot economy (#3), as well as for the individual forecast for the Current Account (#3).
  • For Serbia | Eurobank Research achieved the 1st place for the most accurate estimate of the country's GDP.


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