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Eurobank Group has won three major awards that underline its strong position in the Greek financial system, as well as its successful private banking strategy both in the Greek and Cypriot market.

Eurobank was named Best Bank in Greece for 2023 by the prestigious international magazine Global Finance.

This is the eighth (8th) consecutive year that the Bank has received this important distinction, confirming the consistency with which the Bank covers holistically the needs of its customers, as well as its commitment to sustainable growth and maintaining strong performance.

This new distinction is of particular significance amid a period of strong pressure to the financial institutions globally, that highlights the value of strong quality assets in each bank and a consistently reliable presence in the market.

The winners of this year's awards are those banks that carefully monitored the needs of their customers in challenging markets and offered a wide range of services and achieved strong results, while setting the stage for further growth. To select the winners, Global Finance evaluated several factors through a multi-level process. Among the criteria considered were asset growth, profitability, geographic reach, strategic relationships and the development of new business initiatives and innovative products. It also considered input from bank executives, analysts, and company representatives from around the world.

Eurobank is repeatedly distinguished for its consistent strategy aimed at providing optimal service and innovative solutions to its customers, as well as for its coherent sustainable growth plan focusing on innovation. It is indicative that in 2022 the Bank was awarded three times as the Best Bank in Greece by the internationally prestigious magazines The Banker, Global Finance and Euromoney.

Euromoney | Awards for Private Banking in Greece & Cyprus


Eurobank was named Best Domestic Private Bank in Greece for 2023 by the internationally renowned Euromoney magazine, while Eurobank Cyprus won the award of Best International Private Bank in Cyprus for 2023 by the same magazine.

Reflecting Eurobank's outstanding performance in Greece and Cyprus, these important distinctions indicate the positive impact of the Group's upgraded Private Banking strategy. It is worth noting that Eurobank Group is the only Greek banking group to adopt an innovative Private Banking client service model with a wide range of products and services in four geographic regions: Luxembourg, UK, Greece & Cyprus, while customers can choose the country in which they wish to keep their funds.

This is the second award for the Private Banking sector for 2023, as the Bank was also named Best Private Banking Bank in Greece & Cyprus by Global Finance. It is worth noting that the Group has been awarded, in total, 18 years for its Private Banking services in Greece and 12 years for the corresponding services in Cyprus, by internationally recognized institutions.

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