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New Profit Lock Gold Investment-Pension Plan

ΕFGEurolifeInsurancehaslaunchedanewProfitLockGoldinvestment-pension plan, available in allEurobankandOpen 24 branches from 13/11/2006 until 8/12/2006. 

ProfitLockGoldis one of the most up to date investment solutions for long term risk free capital placement, combining investment with insurance. Its sophisticated investment mechanism   guarantees capital at conclusion and is linked to share capital growth prospects, thus offering opportunities for attractive yields at maturity.

The product’s return is linked to the yield of 40 international shares chosen on the basis of their capitalization (13 shares with the highest capitalization from the S&P 500 index, 14 EUROSTOXX 50 shares with the highest capitalization and 13 from ΝΙΚΚΕΙ 225).  The shares’ yield is followed on an annual basis and can never be lower than 0%. In this way, the capital invested is secured at maturity with the possibility for investors to achieve high returns on their investment, without being affected by any bear markets.

Theplanalsoprovidesinsurancecoveragetoinvestors, throughpaymentofaguaranteedcapitalon expiry or in case of loss of life while it is still running.

ΕFGEurolifeInsurance, a 100% EurobankEFGsubsidiary, has the largest market share in the life insurance market in Greece, with  a 24.77% in life premium production for the first half of 2006.