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A’ Repeat Annual General Meeting

The 1st repeat Ordinary General Meeting (Monday, 17 April 2006) of EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.Α. has approved the granting of stock options to the staff and to Board Members of the Bank and of its affiliated companies.

The Bank’s Board of Directors will be able to issue stock option certificates, during the next five-year period.  The maximum number of shares to be issued by the Bank with respect to the above stock options plan will be 3% of its total number of shares. The price for exercising rights will not exceed 80% of the average stock market price in the six months preceding issuing approval of each series of rights.

The 1st Repeat Ordinary General Meeting also approved the cancellation of 786,000 Eurobank own shares acquired in accordance with article 16, par. 5 of law 2190/1920, by reducing its share capital accordingly.