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EFG Eurobank Ergasias inaugurated a new branch in Paros.

EFG Eurobank Ergasias inaugurated a new branch in Paros, last Tuesday, June 29th.
EFG Eurobank Ergasias inaugurated a new branch in Paros, last Tuesday, June 29th.
The opening ceremony was launched by the Assistant General Manager of the Retail Network Division Mr.George Zissis and the Regional Manager Mr.Nikolaos Kokkinis. Mr.Fotis Bakogiannis has been appointed Branch Manager.
Among those present were Reverend Archbishop of Paros and Naxos Mr.Ambrosios, who also conducted the blessing of the holy water, the Mayor of Paros Mr.Ioannis Rangoussis, and members of both the Prefecture and Municipal Councils. The opening was also attended by representatives of the commerce and business community and clients of the Bank.
The new branch (in the location of Prompona, in Paroikia, tel.22840-23523) will provide the entire range of Eurobank products and services, which are client-centered and consistent with the Bank’s philosophy of offering comprehensive solutions tailor-made to every individual client’s unique needs. Emblematic of this is the fact that today, Eurobank is the bank of choice for thousands of private and business clients and has secured an important rank in the most important sectors of activity, including financing small- and medium-sized businesses, investment banking, mortgage and consumer lending, investment products, private banking, and stock-exchange transactions. It is worth noting that, today, Eurobank extends credit to 7,500 large- and medium-sized businesses and over 70,000 professionals and small businesses, to the overall tune of €10 billion.
With reference to the products offered by the Bank, one can indicatively refer to the flexible mortgage, which can be adjusted to the client’s needs and capabilities, thus helping the client cope with his/her lending obligations without stress. Eurobank was the first bank in 2003 to create a new paradigm for serving customers’ needs. Thanks to the flexible mortgage system, Eurobank clients can adjust their installments according to their needs anytime during the duration of their loan.

Clients also have the possibility to:
  • Reduce the value of their installment down to half for those months they so desire
  • Increase the value their installment up to double in case of extra earnings
  • Avoid paying one installment per year, if for some month their obligations are exceptionally overburdened
  • Make some payments in full
  • Change the duration of their loan thus adjusting automatically their installments for the rest of the loan’s duration
The open business loan offered by Eurobank is also a flexible tool for business operations and development. Thanks to the open business loan, businessmen can meet their needs in terms of working capital, professional equipment or premises, with as minimum monthly obligation the payment of interest only. Repaying the capital is free and on terms determined in light of the possibilities of each business, while there is also the possibility to re-use the capital for any other needs that may emerge.