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Eurobank has devised and now offers a new, pioneering product, the EuroLine card.
Eurobank has devised and now offers a new, pioneering product, the EuroLine card.
EuroLine provides holders with two uses:
  • Transactions - including the system of interest-free instalments - with all traders affiliated with Eurobank;
  • GRD 1,000,000 in cash available upon demand. This amount can be withdrawn at any Eurobank ATM at no extra cost and without additional formalities. In addition, EuroLine will shortly make possible cash withdrawals abroad from any ATM connected with the MAESTRO network. On acquiring a EuroLine card, consumers will have at their disposal a tool which will facilitate their day-to-day transactions and satisfy their cash needs, dispensing with the complicated procedures normally associated with such banking services. The EuroLine interest rate, both for purchases and cash withdrawals, is 13 per cent only, while no subscription fee is required. (The only customer charge is a monthly account fee of GRD 400 - provided, of course, he has made use of his card). The minimum required monthly repayment is just 3 per cent of the debit balance, the lowest in the market. Cardholders will have access to relatively high credit limits (up to GRD 5,000,000), enabling them to meet their cash requirements and everyday-transactions needs. In its search for ways to meet the needs of even the most demanding customer, Eurobank has created a new service: Eurobank Travel, through which EuroLine holders will obtain information on all manner of travel services. A simple telephone call will book anything from a simple ferry ticket to a full travel package, charging the customer's card in interest-free instalments, and allowing him to pick up the tickets at the place of his choice entirely free of charge.
    Eurobank aspires to give EuroLine also a social character, and therefore has decided that a proportion of the product's total turnover will be presented to the "PNOE - Friends of Children's Intensive Care" Foundation, which makes gifts of medical equipment to paediatric hospitals.