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Donation to the Thessaloniki Hippocrateion Hospital

In terms of its broader social mission and responding to the needs of the local societies where it is active, Eurobank EFG recently made a financial donation to the Thessaloniki Hipokrateion Hospital for the purchase of sophisticated ultrasonography equipment.

The donation is for the Hospital’s purchase of the LOGIQ P6 Premium/G.E. for general and specialised ultrasound examinations of adults and children. The machinery in question is of the latest technology and is provided as equipment for the Hospital Radiology Laboratory, which specialises in blood vessel examination with particularly complex and difficult tests that require sophisticated technological support.

Please note that the Hospital’s function as a transplant centre, requires a series of blood flow tests to be conducted on transplant patients, where it is necessary to have a clear diagnosis available, and colour ultrasonography is often the only testing method.