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Adjustment of Interest Rates

The increase of the Euribor benchmark during this  period, in conjunction with the recent increase of the basic rate of the European Central Bank by 0.25 points in July, as well as the restricted liquidity conditions that continue to apply to the Greek banking market, necessitate the adjustment of the Bank’s interest rates as follows:

·         The interest rate of the Personal At-Call Accounts increases by up to 0.25 points (0.25 %);


·         The interest rates of credit cards and consumer loans  increase by 0.25 points (0.25 %); and

·         The key lending interest rates for small businesses and professionals increase by 0.25 points (0.25 %).

It is finally noted that the variable interest rates on deposit / loan products, which are conventionally calculated and based on the Euribor benchmark or the ECB base interest rate, will be automatically re-adjusted.

The new interest rates will apply as of Tuesday 16/08/2011.