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Eurobank EFG invests in NGP PLASTIC

Following up on Eurobank EFG’s strategy to support export -oriented and “green” companies, Eurobank EFG Equities’ Equity Partners announced a new investment in NGP Plastic A.B.E.E. (“NGP Plastic”), one of the most dynamic and “green” companies in the country with a strong export orientation.

The investment was made jointly by Eurobank EFG and Argo Hellenic Investment Fund Limited, through a special purpose corporation, Femion Limited. Femion limited will acquire up to 21.5% of NGP Plastic. This is the third investment arranged by Eurobank EFG Equities’ Equity Partners in the last 12 months.

NGP Plastic produces specialized fruit and vegetable packaging and multilayer film for the food industry. Its products are made mainly out of recycled PET, at its modern plant in Korinthos. NGP Plastic is a fast growing and export-oriented company. Indicatively the last four years it experienced an average revenue growth exceeding 30%. In the first six months of 2011 over 75% of its sales were made to Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland and other European Union countries.

Specialized packaging and multilayer film used in the food industry is a sector expected to experience robust growth in the next several years. Both consumers and retailers appreciate the easier transportation, product traceability and longer produce life without artificial preservatives offered by these products. Furthermore, NGP Plastic’s continuous application of innovative technological improvements combined with the consistently high quality of its products generates strong prospects for a further increase of its market share in Europe.

In today’s challenging environment Eurobank EFG actively supports Greek companies with strong growth potential, competitive advantage and export orientation. By attracting capital from the private sector and contributing specialized knowhow it supports companies that contribute to the necessary growth of the Greek economy.