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A successful first collaboration between the Health Procurement Committee and ΒΕ-Business Exchanges SA on E-Auctions

The first four pilot e-Auctions for the Ministry of Health and Social Security were successfully completed with a significant benefit to the Greek State, via the e-Marketplace Platform at BE-Business Exchanges SA, a subsidiary company of Eurobank EFG.

The e-Marketplace Platform was used for the first time in the e-auctions conducted by the Health Procurement Committee (HPC) on 28th July 2011 for the supply of Medicines.

The two largest -by budget terms- e-trading e-auctions, have achieved price reductions of 61.69 % and 58.20 % respectively, in relation to the initial e-trading price initially set by the HPC, following the submission of written sealed bids by participants. It is noted that the suppliers had already offered substantial discounts in their written offers in relation to the proclamation budget, thus increasing the overall benefit to the State to 84.3 % and 76.4 % respectively.  


Business Exchanges SA is a company that specialises in e-commerce and operates within the broader e-banking sector (e-Business) of Eurobank EFG group. It was established in 2001 with a mission to promote new forms of e-transactions (Β2Β), such as e-auctions, e-procurement, e-price negotiations etc and collaborates with the General Secretariat of Commerce and other Public bodies, in addition to the HPC.

(The e-Business services are available in detail on the website