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Eurobank EFG selected as Primary Dealer by EFSF

The European Financial Stability Fund (EFSF) assigned Eurobank EFG as a Primary Dealer in international markets.
Eurobank EFG has been chosen as one of the 44 international financial institutions that will assume the role of Primary Dealer of the EFSF. The other Primary Dealer in Greece will be the National Bank of Greece.
The EFSF was established by the member countries of the Eurozone and is part of the overall package of € 750 billion, decided on 9.5.2010. The EFSF may issue bonds of up to € 440 billion, guaranteed by the member countries of the Eurozone, to cover the borrowing needs of Eurozone countries facing difficulties in financing from international markets, under the conditions agreed with the EU, the ECB and the IMF. The EFSF has received the highest credit rating from all three major international rating agencies. Ireland is the first country that joined the mechanism. It is noted that Greece has been included in a separate support mechanism and not in the EFSF.
To proceed with this plan, the EFSF had proceeded to seeking Primary Dealers for the bonds it will issue. The criteria for the selection of Primary Dealers included their international presence, high level of staffing, proven ability to distribute bonds to their customers and in-depth know-how.
The final selection of Eurobank among the 44 international financial institutions that will assume this role certifies its strong national and international presence. The Bank's strategic objective remains to be a leader in regional markets. In this context, Eurobank operates in nine countries, in 4 of which it firmly maintains its position among the top 5 Primary Dealers.