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The €pistrofi reward program broadens its partnership network

Eurobank’s €pistrofi reward program announces the integration of 9 new Major Partnerships. The 9 companies, which become Major Partners in the €pistrofi program, are:

Attica, Veropoulos, Germanos, Cosmote, EKO, Hondos Center, Intersport, Plaisio, Praktiker

The €pistrofi reward program, a pioneering product in the Greek market is open to all holders of Eurobank credit and debit cards, returning to them Euros on their purchases!

Customers gain money, which they can spend immediately in any way they wish at any of the 2,500 partners of €pistrofi reward program, rather than on a limited selection of special gifts, points, discounts or special offers.

Specifically, each time a card holder uses a Eurobank card at one of the 9 Major Partners or at any of the2,500 other companies participating in the Epistrofi reward program, they automatically collect Euros, which they can use as a credit against subsequent purchases, thus paying less for them or not at all.

The choice of partner companies sets to satisfy the basic needs of customers, allowing them to benefit from their ordinary day-to-day transactions. For this reason, the already broad network of partners, which includes companies from all sectors, will continue to expand, so that Eurobank card holders may benefit even more from their purchases.