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Resolutions of the Bank’s Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of 25.06.2010

EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.A. announces the following:
Α. The Annual General Meeting of 25th June 2010, with a quorum of 54,63% corresponding to ordinary shares, resolved the following in respect of the items of the Agenda shown on the Invitation dated 31.5.2010:
  1. The approval of the annual financial statements for the year 2009, no distribution of dividends to ordinary shareholders and payment to the Hellenic Republic of the 10% cumulative return on the preference shares it holds, amounting to €58,6m.
  2. Discharge of the Board of Directors and the Auditors from all responsibility of indemnification in relation to the financial year 2009.
  3. The appointment of the firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers for the financial year 2010. Fees will be determined according to the decisions of the Supervising Board of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Greece.
  4. The election of a new Board of Directors, the term of office of which expires with the election of a new Board of Directors by the Annual General Meeting that will convene in the year 2013, including the appointment of Messrs. Spyros L. Lorentziadis and Panayiotis V. Tridimas as the independent non-executive Directors of the Board. The ratification of the appointment of Mr Dimitrios Georgoutsos, representative of the Greek State, as an additional member to the Bank’s Board of Directors according to l.3723/2008. The election of Messrs Eythimios N. Christodoulou, Fotios S. Antonatos, Emmanuel L. Bussetil, Spyridon L. Lorentziadis, Pericles P. Petalas, Panagiotis V. Tridimas as members of the Bank’s Audit Committee, the term of office of which expires with the election of a new Audit Committee by the Annual General Meeting that will convene in the year 2013.
  5. The approval of a) the fees paid to Directors for services rendered during the financial year 2009, as pre-approved by previous General Meetings, and b) the fees payable to Directors, according to the provisions of l. 3723/2008, during the financial year 2010.
Β. The Board of Directors of the Bank, in its meeting of 25 June 2010, decided on its composition and on the appointment of executive and non-executive Directors, as follows:
1. Eythimios N. Christodoulou, non-executive director (Chairman)2. George C. Gondicas, non-executive director (Honorary Chairman)3. Anna Maria Louisa J. Latsis, non-executive director (Vice Chairman)4. Nicholas C. Nanopoulos, executive director (Chief Executive Officer)5. Nikolaos V. Karamouzis, executive director (Deputy Chief Executive Officer)6. Byron N. Ballis, executive director (Deputy Chief Executive Officer)7. Michael H. Colakides, executive director (Deputy Chief Executive Officer)8. Nicholaos K. Pavlides, executive director9. Spiro J. Latsis, non-executive director 10. Fotios S. Antonatos, non-executive director11. Pericles P. Petalas, non-executive director12. Emmanuel L. Bussetil, non-executive director13. Athanasios J. Martinos, non-executive director14. Dimitrios Th. Papalexopoulos, non-executive director15. Spyros L. Lorentziadis, independent non-executive director 16. Panayiotis V. Tridimas, independent non-executive director
17. Dimitrios A. Georgoutsos, State Representative, additional member