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EFG ΑΕΔΑΚ Equities

Top ranking positions in Equity Mutual Funds are held by Eurobank with impressive performances in their respective categories

A new success story is added to Eurobank EFG Mutual Fund Management Company record.
According to the Association of Greek Institutional Investors, the fund Eurobank EFG I (LF) Equity - FLEXI STYLE GREECE (dated 31.8.2009) returned +68.30% and ranked first in the category of Domestic equity funds getting the first position among all 303 mutual funds managed by the Greek management companies.
In addition, two other mutual funds Eurobank EFG I (LF) Fund of Funds - BRIC and Eurobank EFG I (LF) Equity - EMERGING EUROPE took the first and second place in their category, with returns of +50.67% and +50.02%, respectively.
According to Mr Xenofos, CEO of the Company, «these results demonstrate the correctness of management decisions over the last eight months, the early assessment of markets’ prospects and the quality of infrastructure, which is not limited to the analysis of financial figures, but extends to daily risk management and market knowledge that we derive via our contacts with international investment houses».