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New generation of Εco Loans from Eurobank EFG for Greek households

Recognizing the importance and the need for initiatives that support the environment, Eurobank EFG has launched the innovative “Eco Loan” financing program. Within the framework of this program, and building upon recent state measures to provide incentives to citizens to purchase and install photovoltaic systems on residential roof tops, Eurobank has designed and offers Greek households the Eco Loan - Photovoltaics.
This new initiative, the first in a series of ecological loans to Greek households, is in line with the Bank’s strong ecological orientation and supports the public in the adoption and use of alternative energy sources. The first phase in particular, focuses on the purchase and installation of photovoltaic systems on private properties. The program offers financing with favorable terms to the property holders, with or without underwriting, for a duration of 15-25 years. Apart from funding, the Bank will also provide support to customers throughout the purchase and installation of photovoltaic systems.
The Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Bank, Mr. Byron Ballis, has stated “the new initiative demonstrates our belief that environmental policy is an essential prerequisite for the growth of the economy. In this context, we believe that the role of Greek households is catalytic, and our aim is to create timely conditions for the average Greek family to gain a more economic, ecological and energy-independent home”.
It is noted that Eurobank was one of the first banks in Greece to show a responsible attitude towards the environment and a strong ecological orientation: since 2004, it remains the only bank in Greece and one of the few in Europe to have been certified according to the International Standard ISO 14001 for the implementation of an Environmental Management System, while, since March 2009 it is included in the European Register of the EMAS  Regulation (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), which is the highest possible certification in environmental management. It has funded a series of environmental projects in cooperation with WWF and other environmental stakeholders, and has promoted a series of products such as the Eurobank WWF Visa card, and loans to professionals and businesses for the purchase of environmentally friendly equipment, vehicles and natural gas equipment.-