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Public Private Partnership (PPP) project.

In cooperation with the European Investment Bank (EIB), Eurobank EFG financed the first Public Private Partnership (PPP) project in Greece. The successful involvement of Eurobank in infrastructure projects such as the motorways concessions, has allowed the Bank to have an active role in the PPP projects in the pipeline, with a total budget of more than 5 billion Euro.
The first PPP project assigned relates to the construction of Fire Brigade Stations.
The Sponsor that undertook the project represents the interests of the companies Gantzoulas SA and Kourtidis
SA. This indicates that all private sector companies, irrespective of size, can actively pursue PPP projects. Eurobank EFG supports both this initiative and the of PPPs framework in general, recognizing its contribution to economic development and growth.
By attracting the European Investment Bank as co-financier of the project, Eurobank EFG succeeded to offer a highly competitive funding package, despite the considerable difficulties caused by the deterioration of market conditions that occurred between the time of submission of bid by the Sponsors in July 2008 and the signing of the Partnership Agreement (April 2009).