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EFG AEDAK-Morningstar

                          Confidence in the M/F of EFG AEDAK has been rewarded with first place.


The M/F that are managed by EFG AEDAK have received new awards from Morningstar® by taking first place once again in the awards that are enjoyed by the M/F at a pan European level and which relate to the overall performance. More specifically, the distinctions that were awarded (28.11.2008) are:



Eurobank Double Click Foreign Bonds




Eurobank Prime High Income Fund of Mixed Funds




Interamerican Management of Foreign Available Funds



Eurobank Click Foreign Bonds




Eurobank South Eastern Europe Opportunities Foreign Share Cap Capital 



Interamerican US Foreign Share Capital



In accordance with the Morningstar® methodology, every month an evaluation of each M/F is conducted in comparison to the other M/F in its category. In accordance with the evaluation result, every M/F is awarded with a corresponding number of “stars” (from 1 to 5 stars). The M/F with the best return receives “5 stars”, a distinction that is only attributed to 10 % in the category. These are followed by the M/F that receives “4 stars”, a distinction that is only received by 22.5 % in the category, etc.


In accordance with the statement by the Managing Director of EFG AEDAK and the Chairperson of the Association of Institutional Investors, Mr. Aris Xenophos, “The above distinctions at a pan European level in the midst of the adverse conditions that have been assailing the markets in recent months, have rewarded those that have had faith in the EFG AEDAK M/F, which confirms the consistency and the efforts of the company in terms of quality in the management result. A quality, which provides a powerful competitive advantage at EFG AEDAK and supports the activities of the company in Central and New Europe; Furthermore, they demonstrate the capacity of the Greek companies in the management of mutual funds to compete as an equal with the Foreign investment firms”

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