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Eurobank EFG announces Interest rate reduction

Eurobank EFG has announced the following, further to the measures that were announced on 10/11/2008 in relation to the support for households and the lower income groups of the population:

  1. The Bank Basic Housing Loan Interest Rate (BBHLIR) has been reduced by 0.50% effective Thursday 27/11/2008. This reduction in conjunction with the automatic reduction of the interest rates for housing loans that are linked to Central European Bank (CEB) interest rate or the Euribor or Libor reference interest rate (loans in Swiss franks), have directly resulted in a significant reduction to the monthly instalments for customers that have received a housing loan from our Bank on the basis of the above interest rates.
  2. Furthermore, in relation to the new housing loans, since Thursday 27/11/2008 Eurobank EFG has reduced its interest rates by 50 base points (0.50%) for the fixed interest rate plans over one, two and three years in Euros and Swiss franks.