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Eurobank EFG announces measures to support SMEs

In light of the current difficult conditions faced by Greek business professionals and Small & Medium–sized Enterprises (SMEs), and in acknowledgement of their importance to the economy, Eurobank EFG announces further measures in their support , enriching the range of services, products and facilitations offered.
Specifically, the Bank:
  1. Continues to seamlessly make funding available to its customers, business professionals and SMEs, thus supporting  the smooth operation of businesses and of the market
  2. Is assessing, in co-operation with the European Investment Bank (EIB), ways to further expand the scope of Programs aimed at the liquidity enhancement and modernization of SMEs;
  3. Continues to offer transactions free-of-charge to SMEs and Business Professionals, to help reduce their operating costs;
  4. Offers the only ‘Dynamic’ high interest rate (3%) Current Account available on the Greek market to help SMEs manage liquidity;
  5. Provides a special card, the “24h Business Services Debit”, which enables the conduct of all transactions, including loan transactions, over the Internet or via phone banking and ATMs. The card may also be used as a credit card at the same time;
  6. Provides loan restructuring options to SMEs faced with liquidity problems;
  7. Aside from the professional needs of SME entrepreneurs, the Bank also caters to their personal and family needs through a complete range of mortgage and consumer lending products, insurance, as well as high-yielding deposit and investment products.