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Eurobank EFG-New Equity Funds BRIC- BRS

Eurobank EFG Group, has recently launched two new innovative equity funds, Eurobank EFG (LF) Fund of Funds - BRIC and Eurobank EFG (LF) Equity - BRS 30, providing investors with access to the four more rapidly developing markets internationally, as well as to corresponding markets of New Europe.
More specifically, Eurobank EFG (LF) Fund of Funds - BRIC gives the opportunity to investors to participate in the international developments acquiring access in the four very rapidly developing superpowers of tomorrow: Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Investors will enjoy the benefits of this new investment proposal, through the co-operation of Eurobank EFG with leading International Mutual Funds Management Companies (such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Fidelity, Invesco, ABN Amro, DWS). The fund is a basket of strictly selected mutual funds granted with excellence from pre-eminent International providers of credit ratings such as Morningstar®, and  being managed by the above mentioned MFMCs.  Fund’s benchmark is M.S.C.I. EM BRIC Index in Euro terms.
Eurobank EFG (LF) Equity - BRS 30 invests in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia, where Eurobank EFG first established its Balkan banking operations. With this fund investors can benefit from the positive growth developments towards European convergence.  Part of the investment process of the Eurobank EFG (LF) Equity - BRS 30 is the optimal portfolio composition by mainly allocating funds among equity securities of the thirty biggest  - in terms of capitalization - companies of Bulgaria Romania and Serbia.

By investing in BRS 30, investors can enter in markets where stock and fund picking is costly, time consuming and demands specialized knowledge. Moreover, it is suitable for investors that are targeting longer-term high returns by taking advantage of the challenges and opportunities that these economies offer.
The management of these funds has been assigned to EFG M.F.M.C. and EFG Eurobank Asset Management A.E.P.E.Y. respectively, companies which are 100% subsidiaries of EFG Eurobank Ergasias.