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For over 100 years we have been instiling the value of saving into generation after generation across Greece. We celebrate the World Savings Day, a time-honoured custom that is tantamount to the history of the Greek Postal Savings Bank. We further promote it through educational projects, initiatives to raise awareness and savings products for everyone.

We foster the value of saving

We have been spreading the tradition of saving across Greece for over 100 years:

  • We visit schools around the country. We teach students the value of saving money. We inspire them to keep their dreams alive. They only need to start small to get to something big.
  • We raise awareness among vulnerable social groups, such as women, young people, the elderly and farmers. We teach them how to save money and use their savings wisely.
  • We design products and services that encourage people to save. We offer savings solutions so they may choose what suits them best.
  • We distribute traditional money boxes. An emblem since 1934, the money boxes protect savings from consumer temptations.
  • We bring out tasteful calendars that promote the value of saving.

On 31 October every year we celebrate the World Savings Day. We organise actions to raise awareness on saving money. Our executives along with teachers and other distinguished guests talk about the value of saving.

What we have accomplished so far

For 100 years now, since the beginning of the Greek Postal Savings Bank course through history, we have been cultivating the value of saving in the Greek society and especially the younger generation:

  • We have taught more than 1,000,000 children that saving is a way of life.
  • The message of saving has reached the farthest corners of Greece through the Hellenic Post network.

During the long course of the Greek Postal Savings Bank, a large part of the people’s savings were used to fund significant public utilities and infrastructures. Many of these shaped the image of Greece in the 20th century:

  • Roadworks, waterworks, sewage, electrification, telecommunications, ports, transports, etc.
  • Council housing, schools, courtrooms and other public buildings.

Through the state pawnbroker service, the Greek Postal Savings Bank offered financial assistance to vulnerable social groups that were at the mercy of loan sharks.

We build on our values

Saving is a timeless concept that always rings true. It reminds us that we can achieve our goals with persistence, patience and perseverance. At Eurobank we believe that it also contributes to the greater good:

  • “Substantial national savings are a necessary condition for the future of the country. They ensure the necessary resources for funding development, investments and the economy in general.”
  • “Saving is a way of life and a national responsibility.”
  • “Saving is not only about money and in no way does it only concern the few who have money. It concerns us all.”

A money box teaches us to keep our dreams alive; to realise that we can accomplish something great by starting with something small every day; to limit our spending today so we can meet tomorrow’s challenges.

We carry on strong

We propose creative ways for you to communicate the time-honoured tradition of saving to your family.

We celebrate the World Savings Day on 31 October every year.