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Beyond Hackathon is a regional competition showcasing innovative FinTech (Financial Technology) solutions. The competition, organised annually by the Eurobank Innovation Centre, aims to foster creativity and boost FinTech business growth in Greece.

We encourage FinTech open innovation

We encourage and reward FinTech open innovation through the Beyond Hackathon regional competition. The competition welcomes professionals from diverse fields: software developers, marketers, designers, and business developers, along with startups from Greece or abroad.

In the span of 48 hours, the participants work together to develop products and services that enhance the banking experience for customers. They shape the financial services sector collectively.

 During the competition, all teams:

  • Attend lectures by seasoned professionals on technology and the latest developments in financial services.
  • Network and receive mentoring from business executives and entrepreneurs.
  • Put the Eurobank API (application programming interface) to good use in their efforts to develop their innovative products and services.

The winning teams receive cash prizes. We also offer them the opportunity to work at Eurobank to develop their products. We actively encourage them to submit their business plans in the context of the egg – enter•grow•go programme and put their ideas into practice.

The candidates are assessed by a panel of judges, consisting of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and Eurobank executives.

What we have accomplished so far

Beyond Hackathon was launched in 2016. It is the first regional Hackathon competition in Greece with a specific focus on FinTech. To date 2 successful competitions have resulted in:

  • 7 awarded innovative ideas, services and products. We have given away 6 cash prizes, plus 1 special participation prize.
  • 52 teams taking part in the competition.
  • More than 320 individuals from Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and the UK entering the competition.

Through Beyond Hackathon we turn innovation into a competitive advantage and promote cooperation among domestic and international tech innovation ecosystems.

To carry out this initiative, we work closely with Found.ation and The Cube, two organisations supporting tech startups through their first steps.

We build on our values

For us, Beyond Hackathon is an invaluable tool for supporting cooperation and promoting open innovation. We believe that:

  • "Beyond Hackathon fosters new concepts, a climate of cooperation and innovative approaches. Our efforts contribute to the birth of a FinTech ecosystem in Greece too."
  • "By rewarding new teams for their efforts, we invest in open innovation and optimal use of technology, contributing to the creation of added value for the Greek economy."
  • "Such competitions reveal the country's hidden talents, providing opportunities for them to stay in Greece."

We carry on strong

We are organising the Beyond Hackathon competition for yet another year and we are seeking teams with innovative solutions that:

  • Enhance the customer banking experience.
  • Rise to the contemporary technological challenges.
  • Create added value for the Greek economy.

Yet another Beyond Hackathon competition came to an end on 24 June 2018.