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We track our performance and take actions to align our strategy and operations with best practices that contribute towards fulfilling the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria. We consistently comply with these criteria and set targets for the future. Our performance is assessed by external agencies.

Our ratings

Our strategy and performance on ESG criteria is evaluated by external agencies. We provide clear and credible ESG information to our stakeholders on our strategy, policies and operations and we are rated on these.

We are included in all the major ESG indexes:


Based on our performance for 2023, Morningstar Sustainalytics awarded us the ESG Regional Top Rated Badge for the 1st time and the ESG Industry Top Rated Badge for 2nd consecutive year, including us in its 2024 Top Rated ESG Companies List.

Our current ESG performance 

We track our performance across the 3 ESG pillars: Environment, Society and Governance. We set targets and align our strategy and policies to best sustainability practices, aiming for a better and more inclusive future.

Our achievements in 2022 include:

Our environmental achievements

Our performance in the pillar Environment.

Some of our performance achievements in terms of our market-oriented perspective: