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The study entitled "Energy Pillar - Green Transition: Progress and challenges for energy security, energy equality and environmental sustainability" is the first of a series of studies concerning the five pillars that emerged from the study "The Emerging Model Development of the Greek Economy: 5 Key Pillars, Major Investment Projects and their Contribution to GDP", published in December 2022. The study aims to analyze the trends in key metrics and characteristics of the main activities and the most important markets of the pillar, the challenges it will face in the medium and long term, current strategies and policies at the European and national level, as well as financial tools. In addition, it includes policy recommendations to facilitate the necessary changes in the pillar. The study also includes quantitative estimates about output and productivity of the Energy – Green Transition pillar, for the medium-term impact of ongoing and expected investments on GDP, as well as for the impact on the Current Account Balance of projected changes in the energy mix of final consumption and the increased penetration of RES in power generation.

The study is available in Greek.