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With the awarded Exportgate.gr international trade portal, we offer Greek and Cypriot businesses networking opportunities in the global market and help them find buyers for their products across the globe. We give them access to advanced tools and special information so they may boost their business operations.

We help Greek businesses export

Through the Exportgate.gr international trade portal, Greek and Cypriot exporters can penetrate international markets and start a business network outside Greece:

  • They are included in the new international business network, the Trade Club Alliance. The Trade Club Alliance is a global network of companies that focuses on international trade. It is supported by international banking groups in over 40 countries. Exportgate.gr is a member of the Trade Club Alliance, following a strategic agreement between Eurobank and Banco Santander.
  • They network with potential associates from around the globe. The Exportgate.gr members use modern networking tools to locate potential buyers for their products abroad.
  • They find out all the latest market trends and developments in more than 180 countries. Members receive valuable information from the Exportgate.gr International Trade e-Library. They have access to macroeconomic, tax and statistical information, market trends and consumer behavior per country. They may also access useful tools with information on the volume and value of imports/exports for countries they are interested in.
  • They explore new business opportunities. Since January 2016, the Exportgate.gr members have had access to over 1 million calls for expressions of interest from many countries worldwide.
  • They can ask the experts. They receive updates on financing solutions and services that meet their business needs. They use useful tools to facilitate their exports.

The Exportgate.gr international trade portal is a Eurobank initiative, in partnership with the main Greek export and corporate organisations:

  • Panhellenic Exporters Association (PEA)
  • Greek International Business Association (SEVE)
  • Exporters’ Association of Crete (EAC)
  • Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV)

We build on our values

We foster Greek and Cypriot exports and boost Greek entrepreneurship with the Exportgate.gr portal. We support this strategic choice by Eurobank because:

  • “It is the right time for the banks to undertake a series of powerful initiatives, breaking the vicious cycle of introversion and idleness.”
  • “We believe in the strength, creativity and intelligence of healthy Greek entrepreneurship.”
  • “The banking system must and should actively encourage the creation of bigger and stronger Greek businesses.”

We carry on strong

Exportgate.gr is one of the most popular trade portals worldwide.

In partnership with international banking groups in more than 40 countries (USA, Germany, UK, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, etc.) the Trade Club Alliance is expected to continue expanding to a wide range of target markets.

All the banks follow procedures and controls that safeguard network integrity.

To access Exportgate.gr and find potential buyers for your products per country and field of operation, log into the Exportgate.gr international trade portal.



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