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In marketing and communications, we promote the identity of Eurobank and enhance its image. We monitor the markets where we operate. We design communication strategies for our products and services.

The role of our employees

Our employees in marketing conduct market and competitor analysis. They design and implement strategies for the products and services we offer, both existing and new ones.

Our employees in communications design and implement corporate promotional campaigns. The develop communication and advertising tools. They manage the public relations of Eurobank with the media, shareholders, public entities and other stakeholders.

Basic skills

Our marketing and communications employees are well-known for their effective communication and their outstanding language skills.

They constantly monitor the market, analysing numerical data and identifying trends and standards. Based on the conclusions they draw, they make decisions and design projects for implementation. They organise and efficiently manage their resources.

Career opportunities

Find out if there are any career opportunities currently available in marketing and communications at Eurobank.