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In the IT sector we implement significant strategic and innovative goals. We ensure that the information technology we use meets the business needs of the Eurobank Group efficiently and without delays.

The role of our employees

Our employees are responsible for the operation of the central and the telecommunications systems and applications at Eurobank. They are the guarantors of our technological superiority and ongoing development. They constantly strive to simplify our applications and infrastructure and maximise their effectiveness.

Basic skills

Anyone who works in IT monitors the advancements in technology worldwide. They assess and prevent risks that may threaten our technological infrastructure and operations. Our people keep up with the latest standards, guidelines and good practices so they can apply them to the IT sector and train our employees in them as well.

To meet the business needs of Eurobank in the IT sector, they often carry out complex technical projects. They design applications and develop software programs. They try to strike the optimal balance between technological benefits and implementation costs. For this reason, they keep in constant contact with our external and internal associates.

Career opportunities

Find out if there are any career opportunities currently available in IT.