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In digital banking, we design and implement cutting-edge digital applications, services and platforms. We meet all the current needs of our customers, shareholders and investors first. Our vision is to evolve into the most advanced and innovative financial institution in SE Europe.

The role of our employees

At digital banking, we design and implement digital services, platforms, operations and processes. We optimise the digital experience and services of our customers and our people. We upgrade our business model and disseminate the value of our innovations to the internal operations of Eurobank.

Basic skills

Our employees at digital banking are always on the look-out for state-of-the-art technology in the banking sector (FinTech). They constantly develop and adopt innovations that shape best practices in the international market.

They manage the digital presence of the Eurobank Group. They implement digital promotional activities and marketing strategies.

For complex digital projects our employees coordinate the work of specialised groups that implement omnichannel communication strategies and innovations. They assess the benefits and the risks, and pave the way towards the digital transformation of Eurobank.

Career opportunities

Find out if there are any career opportunities currently available in digital banking at Eurobank.