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In the legal department we safeguard the legal interests of the Eurobank Group and our customers. We work closely with the various departments and our colleagues to advise them on any legal issues that may arise. We strive to improve constantly the level of our legal services.

The role of our employees

Our employees in the legal department interpret the law. They monitor our processes and align them with the provisions in force.

They formulate proposals and guidelines on intricate matters to protect the lawful operation of Eurobank and our employees. They prepare and check over the contracts Eurobank enters into with its suppliers and associates. They represent Eurobank in all judicial and extrajudicial dispute resolutions.

Basic skills

Our employees protect the interests of Eurobank and our customers. They are aware of the legal developments, monitor the market and get updated on economic trends. They operate in a proactive and organised manner, and are determined and flexible in negotiations.

Moreover, they compile reports and make presentations to ensure that everyone is up to date on compliance issues.

Career opportunities

Find out if there are any career opportunities currently available in legal services at Eurobank.