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In accounting and taxation we follow the Greek and international legislation and the internal policy of Eurobank. We formulate and implement the company taxation policy.

The role of our employees

In the accounting sector our employees compile and analyse financial information, such as balances, balance sheets, cost accounts etc. They follow the accounting policy of Eurobank to prepare the relevant statements and reports to the auditing authorities.

In the taxation sector they calculate the taxes and returns, in compliance with the requirements of Eurobank and the taxation legislation in force. They provide consultation services regarding domestic taxation policy.

Basic skills

Our executives know and understand the accounting and tax environment. They are in a position to analyse the internal and external financial data and draw their conclusions. In this way, they participate in decision-making regarding the allocation and use of resources both inside and outside Eurobank.

They use modern technology and the Eurobank applications when doing their work. They communicate effectively with domestic customers and the competent public authorities. They are known for their planning and organisational skills.

They are familiar with and follow the relevant legislation and the various legislative practices. They compile budgets, prepare forecasts and issue reports.

Career opportunities

Find out if there are any career opportunities currently available in accounting and taxation at Eurobank.