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In retail banking, we represent Eurobank in all daily transactions. We build and manage our relationships with our customers. With the quality services we provide, we contribute in maximising the profitability of Eurobank.

The role of our employees

Our retail banking employees cultivate our relationships with our customers and serve their requests in compliance with the Eurobank policies and procedures. They recommend to customers the banking products that meet their individual needs.

Basic skills

Our employees understand the market and follow all the latest market trends and developments. They organise their work so that they can provide information in a systematic, timely and valid manner.

Through the electronic equipment and modern digital applications of Eurobank, they analyse financial data and offer the right products and services to each customer. They build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships based on direct contact and trust.

To protect the interests of both Eurobank and our customers, they assess and manage all risks. They know how to make demands and concessions when negotiating to get the optimal results.

Career opportunities

Find out if there are any career opportunities currently available in retail banking at Eurobank.