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In Private Banking, we serve customers with high account balances. Along with other departments at Eurobank, we manage these specific portfolios for the benefit of our customers and expand the client base of Eurobank.

The role of our employees

Our employees in Private Banking develop our private client base consisting of customers with high account balances. They promote new products and services. Along with other networks at Eurobank, they follow cross-selling strategies. They seek to maximise the profitability of both our customers and Eurobank.

Basic skills

Our people at Private Banking monitor the market and spot future trends. They analyse financial data, draw conclusions and recommend the most suitable products and services for each customer.

In close contact with them, they select the products and services that will increase both their capital and the operations of Eurobank. They identify and assess potential risks and take precautionary measures for the common benefit of all.

Career opportunities

Find out if there are any career opportunities currently available in Private Banking at Eurobank.