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We are looking for undergraduates or postgraduates with degrees in any discipline. We select young graduates with high grades in their studies who are just starting out or have no more than 2 years work experience.

What we are looking for

Through the BeAPro programme, we look for talented young university graduates who are just starting out or have no more than 2 years work experience.

Your major field of study does not matter. All that matters is that you have an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Male candidates must have completed their military service.

The BeAPro programmes

The BeAPro programmes prepare you for a career in a modern banking environment. They give you the opportunity to gain an overview of the banking and financial services market. You develop a complete set of skills and get equipped for a successful career at Eurobank.

So far we have successfully carried out programmes in various divisions within Eurobank: BeAPro in Technology, BeAPro in Banking and BeAPro in Audit.

What we are looking for in you

We hope you are interested in a career in banking. We hope you aspire to develop within one of the most dynamic and modern financial institutions.

We are looking for people with drive who are interested in innovation. We place importance on your flexibility and creativity.

In addition, what matters very much to us is your professional conduct. We want you to embrace and promote the values of Eurobank.

What we offer

With us, you have the opportunity to embark on your professional journey in a modern work environment with many options. You build the rest of your professional career on solid foundations.

Your education

We offer you opportunities for theoretical and practical education. You put your scientific studies into practice. You gain practical skills that will make you a better professional in your field.

You work under the guidance of experienced executives and you network. You become familiar with our principles and work in line with them. You get to know the strategy and vision of Eurobank.

Your roles

Where possible, we encourage you to change roles and accept other duties. This way you get an overview of the way the division where you work operates. You gain a deeper understanding of how the banking and financial services sectors operate.

Your benefits

We carefully design the remuneration and benefit packages we offer you. We make sure they meet all your needs: for your life, health, family, plans and future expectations.

Find out in detail what we offer our people.

Your future progress

We encourage you to develop with us through your work. You gain the skills to develop your future career.