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The Strategic Planning Committee reports to the Board of Directors. The Strategic Planning Committee Terms of Reference define its purpose and responsibilities, how it is formed and how often it convenes.

Role and responsibilities

The Strategic Planning Committee assists the Executive Directors of the BoD with the Group strategy:

  • Planning
  • Specific actions
  • Development
  • Implementation

It operates in compliance with the Relationship Framework Agreement with the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund.

The Strategic Planning Committee convenes every 2 weeks or whenever necessary. It reports to the Board of Directors once every 3 months.

Appointment and office term

The Strategic Planning Committee consists of at least 5 members. Apart from the Chairman of the BoD and the CEO, Executive Members of the BoD and Senior Executive Officers may be members.

The Board of Directors appoints the members after they have been recommended by the Chairman and nominated by the Nomination Committee.

Its members serve for 3 years. Their office term may be renewed up to 3 times.