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EFG Eurobank Ergasias has been voted top house in Investment Banking, specifically in the areas of capital markets and equity brokerage by the reputable Euromoney magazine.

EFG Eurobank Ergasias has been voted top house in Investment Banking, specifically in the areas of capital markets and equity brokerage by the reputable Euromoney magazine.
According to Euromoney, the choice was based on the dynamic presence of the Bank in IPO underwriting to the Athens Stock Exchange and in equity transactions, through group subsidiaries EFG Finance and EFG Securities. The presentation of the awards was featured in the July 2001 issue.ΕFG Finance, established in June 2000, continues the successful course of former Eurobank and Ergobank in the areas of capital markets, capital raising, M&As, in the provision of advisory services, as well as in debt capital raising, and institutional and discretionary asset management. The company has the support of Deutsche Bank, within the scope of its strategic alliance with EFG Eurobank Ergasias Group. EFG Finance is manned by a professional team of specialists with local and international experience and offers a wide range of investment banking products and services to companies of the private and public sector. The company has strengthened its presence and captured first place in IPO underwriting with 19.2% market share in 2000 (from fourth position with 10.2% market share in 1999). The Bank took part in 46 out of the 48 IPOs for Athens Stock Exchange listings in 2000. Amongst the most successful IPOs underwritten where those of Cosmote SA, the leading Greek mobile operator, Germanos SA, the leading mobile retailer, and Forthnet SA, the leading internet service provider in Greece. It should be noted that the listing of Cosmote constituted the largest issue and sole combined offer in 2000, where the Bank acted as Main Underwriter and Bookrunner. In the area of debt capital markets, EFG Finance offers complete solutions for corporate finance through syndicated loans and bonds, as well as other debt products addressed to the public sector. These include the securitisation of future receivables of the Hellenic Republic from the Loan and Depository Fund, the issue of two convertible DEKA Bonds and the recent issue of privatisation certificates for the Hellenic Tourism Real Estate Management Agency (ETA). Moreover, EFG Finance is Joint Lead Arranger for the securitisation of future EU receivables of the Hellenic Republic and in the issue of privatisation certificates of the Hellenic Republic. The market for advisory services has been significantly developed with the gain of important advisory mandates. Amongst these are the recent public offer of Delta Dairy for the acquisition of a majority stake in GOODY’S, the search for international strategic partner to the Public Power Corporation for its entry in the telecommunications market and the privatisation of marinas in the Greek islands on behalf of the Ministry of National Economy. Finally, EFG Finance has undertaken the role of restructuring and privatisation Advisor of DEPA and has developed significant activities as M&A Advisor of various companies of the private sector. In the area of institutional asset management, EFG Finance provides advisory services, in addition to discretionary asset management, for the institutional fund management of Pension Funds, Bequest Funds, University Funds, Investment Companies, Mutual Funds, Brokerage firms and Insurance companies as well as other private and public sector companies. The forthcoming merger with Telesis Investment Bank, which possesses considerable expertise in investment banking through its specialized professionals, will contribute to the creation of a powerful house with leading position in the domestic and the Balkan market. EFG Eurobank Securities, which engages in stock market transactions, has demonstrated a remarkable performance. The company was established in 1999 and immediately after the beginning of operations it captured a market share of 1.42% (25th position based on total transactions value). In 2000 EFG Eurobank Securities captured a market share of more than 4%, gaining the fifth position. The successful course of the company has been based on its highly knowledgeable professionals and the creation of specialized sales and research departments that cover the Greek and the international markets. EFG Eurobank Securities is one of the very few securities firms in Greece that provide its clients with the possibility of direct access to and successful execution of transactions in international Stock Exchanges, in cooperation with Deutsche Bank and Schroders Salomon Smith Barney. At the same time the company enjoys one of the lowest cost to income ratios among the Greek securities firms as a result of the rigorous cost control program it implements.
In the first seven months of 2001, EFG Eurobank Securities continued its successful performance, ranking fourth with a market share of 6.31%. The market share of EFG Eurobank Ergasias Group (through its two subsidiaries EFG Eurobank Securities and Ergo Securities) in stock market transactions currently amounts to 6.65%, which represents the third position. With the inclusion of Telesis Securities, the Group ranks first with a combined market share of over 10%. As a result, the forthcoming merger of the three securities firms, expected to be completed by the year’s end, will further strengthen the presence of EFG Eurobank Ergasias Group in the stock market transactions business segment.