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Board of Directors

Eurobank Ergasias S.A. (hereafter “Eurobank” or “Bank”) announces that, as has already been published with the announcement of the Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders of the Bank on 15.6.2018, the Board of Directors (“BoD”) decided during its meeting on 15.6.2018, to propose to the Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders of the Bank the appointment with a three year tenure, due to ordinary expiration of the term of office of the current BoD, of the following BoD members:

1. Nikolaos V. Karamouzis
2. Fokion C. Karavias
3. Stavros E. Ioannou
4. Theodoros A. Kalantonis
5. Konstantinos V. Vassiliou
6. George K. Chryssikos
7. Richard P. Boucher
8. Rajeev Kakar
9. Bradley Paul L. Martin
10. Jawaid A. Mirza
11. George E. Myhal
12. Lucrezia Reichlin
13. Aikaterini K. Beritsi, Representative of the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund

Following the above mentioned decision the Chairman of the BoD Mr. N. Karamouzis has informed the BoD members for the following: “I would like to thank the members of the Bank’s Board of Directors for their honorary proposal for my tenure to be renewed, as Chairman of the Board of Directors, at the General meeting of July 2018 and for the excellent, on their behalf, evaluation of my person during the last years and recently for 2017. However, after careful consideration I have reached the difficult decision to conclude with my professional life cycle in Eurobank and to remain in the position of the Chairman of the Board of Directors till the end of March 2019. In the meantime, I will continue to contribute actively in achieving the Bank’s objectives and the seamless succession planning process of my position. I came to the above decision, because I wish to use actively the reserved energy, experience and creativity I have and to pursue new professional challenges. In addition, I took into consideration the need the operational coherence and the continuity of the Bank’s Management to be preserved, at the next critical day for the sector and the economy. I am particularly pleased that I have reached this decision in a period during which the economy recovers and the financial ratios of our Bank are being improved, having successfully faced the crucial problems of the last three years. With collectiveness, planning, determination, consistency, capable and competent personnel, stronger and shielded against risks, the Bank proceeds with success on the way back to normality, with the confidence of the customers, the personnel, the shareholders and the markets.”