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Eurobank Factors, a 100% subsidiary of Eurobank, has been awarded as the Second-Best Company Worldwide in Export Factoring for 2023, according to the evaluation process conducted by FCI.

This award is the 9th global distinction received by the Company in the framework of the same institution, which places it among the companies with the highest recognition in FCI's international network.

The award was announced during the 56th Annual FCI International Congress, held in Seoul, South Korea, in early June 2024. Consistently leading in factoring services in Greece, Eurobank Factors scored the second-best ranking in the world for Export Factoring. The rating is based on qualitative and quantitative criteria, such as the quality of services provided, the number of votes received, and transaction volumes.

Eurobank Factors CEO, Mr. George Karagiannopoulos, stated: "We are firmly committed to providing quality service to our export clients and we are now the recipients of yet another international recognition at the highest possible level in the factoring industry. This recognition reflects our continuous efforts to ensure the best for our clients who give us the opportunity to steadily improve our services, as well as the long-standing trust of our international partners with whom we maintain an excellent cooperation.".

FCI is the largest and most representative global organization of the factoring industry with ~400 members in more than 90 countries and a presence of more than 50 years in the international market.