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Eurobank won the important distinction “The Best Bank in Greece” in 2019 for a fourth (4th) consecutive year, in the context of the 26th annual Best Bank Awards by the world’s leading magazine, Global Finance.

Global Finance Awards, organized by the international magazine Global Finance which has readers in 163 countries including CEOs, Chairmen and senior corporate financial executives at big multinational companies, have become a recognized and trusted standard of excellence.

The winners of this year’s awards are those banks who cope with new challenges, attended carefully to their customers’ needs in difficult markets and achieved their targets while laying the foundation for future success.

For the evaluation and the final selection of the winners, the editors of Global Finance made use of a series of objective criteria, taking also into consideration views and suggestions of analysts, international rating agencies, banking consultants and corporate financial executives. Objective criteria considered included: growth in assets, profitability, geographic reach, strategic relationships, new business development and innovation in products. In addition, a poll of Global Finance’s corporate readership was also conducted in order to increase the accuracy and reliability of the results.

The evaluation, combining all these parameters, secured for Eurobank the distinction "The Best Bank in Greece" for a 4th consecutive year, ranking Eurobank among the top banks.

This development confirms Eurobank’s strong position in the Greek banking system acknowledging its consistent strategy to upgrade the quality and range of its products and services constantly, with a customer driven orientation and a focus on innovation, extroversion and adaptability to an increasingly competitive environment, for the benefit of its customers, shareholders and the Greek economy._