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The Young Entrepreneurship Program egg - enter•grow•go implements the first mission of its extroversion programme for 2019 with a mission of twelve (12) startup companies to Israel. 

The mission will take place from 19 to 24 January and is part of the extroversion programme that is being implemented by egg in recent years, having given the opportunity to 52 new startups to network abroad and acquire know – how through a series of entrepreneurial missions to Europe, USA, Canada and the United States.

The forthcoming mission to Israel is being carried out with the support of the Israeli Embassy in Greece and in cooperation with Israel's MIT Enterprise Forum. The 12 egg startups that participate in this mission are active in the following sectors:

Eurobank Deputy Chief Executive Officer Stavros Ioannou said: "In a decisive moment for the Greek economy and in the context of the collective effort required to build the foundations for a sustainable recovery in Greece, Eurobank has been consistently supporting talented, capable scientists and entrepreneurs. Through egg we create opportunities for new healthy, innovative businesses at their inception, providing them with valuable supplies, with special focus on enhancing their extroversion. Today, 12 egg startups exploit a valuable opportunity, traveling to Israel, which is one of the most powerful ecosystems in the international community of innovative entrepreneurship and innovation, gaining an opportunity to expand their horizons and open up new routes for international networking that can prove crucial for their development and their business consolidation. "

Israel's Ambassador, Irit Ben-Aba, said: "We are pleased that egg sends a delegation of 12 representatives of Greek startup companies in a research visit to Israel. It demonstrates  Eurobank’s belief that these companies can acquire know-how, perhaps even potential investors, through their contacts with the developed ecosystem of innovative entrepreneurship and innovation in Israel.  At yesterday's meeting with the representatives of the companies that will participate in the mission, we witnessed, again, the great talent in the emerging Greek ecosystem of innovation and the enthusiasm shared by the young entrepreneurs and the Bank for the development of, youth entrepreneurship in Greece and the  cooperation with Israel. We were impressed by their very good preparation for the visit, which is being organized in cooperation with MIT Enterprise Forum Israel, one of the most respected organizations in Israel for the promotion of entrepreneurship in the country. The visit is part of the initiatives of the Israeli Embassy in Athens to support Greek innovative entrepreneurship and the interconnection of Greek and Israeli innovation ecosystems. "

Egg’s extroversion program is an important pillar of Eurobank's strategy to enhance the extroversion of healthy entrepreneurship at all stages of its development. Every year, through this programme, educational and business missions are taking place abroad, in cooperation with the world's largest universities and institutions in the countries of destination, aiming to link companies with mature startup ecosystems abroad and potential customers, partners and investors. Israel has one of the most developed innovation ecosystems and every year it welcomes companies and organizations from many countries to support and provide know-how for the development of their own startup ecosystems.
In the context of its extroversion program, Eurobank secured last year an important agreement with the internationally acclaimed Ryerson University based in Canada aiming to strengthen Greek youth, innovative entrepreneurship through synergies between Eurobank and DMZ (Digital Media Zone), the business accelerator for start-ups operating as a unit within Ryerson University. In addition, in recent years egg has implemented made a significant number of extroversion missions to large foreign centers, among others, in Boston, London, Barcelona and Berlin.