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Go In Thessaloniki, the Business Meeting Program organized by Eurobank in the context of Eurobank’s Go International initiative, started today and will be concluded on Wednesday November 14, 2018, with, the support of the Trade Club Alliance - the first Global Digital Business Interconnection Network - and the participation of top bank executives from 14 international banking groups, that have presence in more than 50 countries.

This year, Go In Thessaloniki is supported by many participants from the Trade Club Alliance (TCA), while the selection of Thessaloniki to host the event, underlines the dynamics of Northern Greece’s extrovert entrepreneurship and the strong growth potential of the region. During Go In Thessaloniki more than 3,000 B2B meetings between Greek and foreign entrepreneurs are taking place. The meetings started this morning and will last until Wednesday, November 14, 2018. The vast majority of foreign buyers have been selected by the Trade Club Alliance bank members from their clientele. Apart from 60 foreign buyers that have sent their executives as representatives to Thessaloniki, another 80 overseas companies are being represented at the meetings by the banks they are cooperating with, through the Trade Corridor service in the context of the TCA.

Eurobank’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Fokion Karavias, Eurobank’s Deputy CEOs, Mr. Stavros Ioannou, Mr. Theodoros Kalantonis and Mr. Konstantinos Vassiliou and other senior Eurobank executives, welcomed the representatives of the foreign banks and the Greek and foreign companies that participate in the Forum at Thessaloniki.

In his speech, Eurobank’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. F. Karavias stated, among other things: "In recent years due to the crisis, it is often suggested that banks do not provide adequate funding, while a recent turbulence mainly of stock market nature, although exogenous, has reignited a debate about the prospects of Greek banking ". As he stressed: "Regarding the issue of trust, the answer is given by the presence, here in this chamber, of the representatives of major foreign financial institutions, that choose Eurobank as a partner in an international context. They speak not simply through words but with their signatures in long-term partnership agreements. I thank them, once again, and I have no doubt they know that we appreciate and will honor this trust. Regarding business funding, I want to say that this is exactly the reason why we are here at Thessaloniki. I commit that we will,  jointly, implement the plans and ambitions of each company".

Mr. Frank Kelly, Managing Director & Head Government & Public Affairs Americas, for Deutsche Bank was the central speaker at the event and gave a speech on “Political Risk and the Global Markets: Key risks and Opportunities in 2019 and Beyond”.

A conversation followed between Mr. Kelly and Mr. Tasos Anastasatos, Eurobank Group Chief Economist, during which they analyzed the consequences that geopolitical developments have, for Greece and for the wider region of Southeastern Europe, with special emphasis on matters of European integration, energy, Turkey’s role and the refugee issue.

The Regional Governor of Central Macedonia, Mr. Apostolos Tzitzikostas and Thessaloniki’s Mayor Mr. Yannis Boutaris also addressed the Forum while – from the co – organizers –the President of the Greek Exporters Association (SEVE), Mr. George Konstantopoulos, pointed out that "the development of international trade may be the most important factor as regards the recovery of the Greek economy. The Go In Thessaloniki program, which is an innovative cooperation between Eurobank, SEVE as a coordinator and other business organizations, gives the opportunity to the participating companies to expand their global network and promote their products and services, helping the reinforcement of Greece’s extroversion".

Mr. Jon Barañano Gaviña, President of the Trade Club Alliance & Global Head of Non – Financial Services of Banco Santander, and Mr. Michalis Tsarbopoulos, Deputy General Manager & Head of Global Transaction Banking at Eurobank, presented the 14 banking groups that participate in TCA and welcomed their representatives.

“Go In Thessaloniki” is held under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is co – organized with:

  • Τhe organizational care of the Greek Exporters Association (SEVE)
  • The cooperation of the Pan-Hellenic Exporters Association (PEA), the Exporters’ Association of Crete (E.A.C.), the SEV – Hellenic Federation of Enterprises and the Greek Tourism Confederation-SETE.

It is worth noting that up until today till now more than 10,000 scheduled B2B meetings have taken place between 930 foreign buyers and 620 Greek exporters, throughout all the cycles of the Go International Program which started by Eurobank in 2009, maximizing the potential for international networking of Greek companies.

Go In Thessaloniki, is the third Business Meeting Program in a row, that is taking place in Greece, following Go In Athens (March 2016, Athens) and Go In Crete (May 2017). Go In Thessaloniki enables more than 120 Greek exporting companies to get in contact with big foreign buyers from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and USA.

Photo 1: Mr. Fokion Karavias, Eurobank’s Chief Executive Officer.

Photo 2: (left to right): Mr. Alkiviadis Kalabokis, President of Exporters’ Association of Crete (E.A.C.), Mrs. Christina Sakellaridis, President of the Pan-Hellenic Exporters Association (PEA),  Mr. Yannis Boutaris, Thessaloniki’s Mayor, Mr. George Konstantopoulos, President of the Greek Exporters Association (SEVE), Mr. Apostolos Tzitzikostas, Regional Governor of Central Macedonia, and Mr. Fokion Karavias, Eurobank’s Chief Executive Officer.