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Eurobank participates actively in “Naxos Smart Island” Program, organized on the initiative of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) with the Greek Government’s support, contributing to Naxos’ digital upgrade and the promotion of a sustainable growth model for the island, the largest in the Cyclades Island complex and one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations.

The “Naxos Smart Island” project was presented in Naxos on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 4 & 5, 2022, in the presence of, the Ministers of Development & Investment, Mr. Adonis Georgiades, State and Digital Governance, Mr. Kyriakos Pierrakakis, Mr. Cameron Brooks, Director of Public Sector, Europe, Middle East & Africa of AWS and the Mayor of Naxos, Mr. Dimitris Lianos, who analyzed in their speeches the strategy and actions of this important initiative.

Through the following actions, Eurobank offers innovative solutions for residents and visitors at Naxos to make easier and faster transactions, supports digital transformation and networking for Naxos' entrepreneurial community and provides services to make Naxos a more attractive place for digital nomads:

  • Smart payments | e-Commerce services to facilitate Naxos smart marina’s payments, free of charges for the first three years of operation. Transactions will be available 24/7 using all credit and debit cards, in a completely secure transaction environment.
  • Smart POS payments for Naxos’ taxis| This app converts Android mobiles into POS, for easy, fast and contactless payments, using cards or digital wallets.
  • Smart Business Growth for Naxos entrepreneurial community| Supports digital transformation and business networking for Naxos entrepreneurs through, Exportgate for business networking, Digital Academy for Business for digital education and targeted seminars on financing opportunities through NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) and other programs.
  • Cluster of banking and non-banking services promoting Naxos as a top destination for Digital Nomads

Mr. Iakovos Giannaklis, General Manager of Eurobank’s Retail Banking, said: "Eurobank strongly supports dynamic initiatives targeted to establish sustainable development in Greece on the basis of modern standards. Amazon Web Services, one of the world's largest technology groups, gives a vote of confidence to Greece by developing the pioneering Smart Naxos Island project, creating an innovative state-of-the-art infrastructure network on the largest island of the Cyclades Island complex. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to support this initiative and partner with AWS. We shall keep contributing substantially to initiatives of positive footprint on Greek entrepreneurs and the society, demonstrating in practice our commitment to innovation.”.

Naxos Smart Island was presented by Mr. Cameron Brooks, Director of Public Sector, Europe, Middle East & Africa and AWS executives among them Mr. Patsakas, Head of ENT for Greece, Cyprus and Malta and Ms Marina Stavrakantonaki, Public Policy Manager Southeastern Europe. The “Smart Naxos Island” presentation was also addressed by the Secretary General of the Aegean and Islands Policy, Mr. Emmanuel Koutoulakis, the Governor of South Aegean Region, Mr. George Hatzimarkos, the Economic Counselor at the US Embassy Athens, Mr. Erik Holmgren, the Chairman of the Cyclades Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Giannis Roussos. The event was attended by residents and local bodies’ representatives. The Mayor of Naxos, Mr. Dimitris Lianos, one of the pioneers of the Naxos Smart Island project, organised an exhibition that hosted stands of all partners participating in the programme.

Eurobank was represented by the General Managers, of Retail Banking, Mr. Iakovos Giannaklis, Branch Network, Yannis Serafimidis, Group Marketing & Corporate Communications, Michalis Vlastarakis and Assistant General Manager and Head of Specialized Segments & Customers Excellence Retail Banking, Ms Elina Nikaki and other senior executives of the Bank.

Eurobank recently announced a strategic cooperation with AWS that sponsors Eurobank’s business accelerator egg - enter•grow•go, which, in its ten - year course, has contributed strongly to upgrading the Greek innovation system.

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Left to right:

Mr. Michalis Vlastarakis, General Manager of Eurobank’s Group Marketing & Corporate Communications
Mr. Adonis Georgiades, Ministers of Development & Investment
Mr. Kyriakos Pierrakakis, Minister of State and Digital Governance
Mr. Cameron Brooks, Director of Public Sector, Europe, Middle East & Africa της AWS
Mr. Dimitris Lianos, Mayor of Naxos
Mr. Iakovos Giannaklis, General Manager of Eurobank’s Retail Banking