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On the occasion of the World Savings Day (October 31), Eurobank sends the message "There is a way to see the future and it is called savings", emphasizing the important contribution savings had in Greece’s recent history.

Eurobank, making the best of the Postal Saving Bank’s legacy and continuing α tradition associated with the value of savings in the Greek collective memory, holds a series of events throughout Greece each October, aiming to enhance familiarization with the standard value of savings, with a special focus on the younger generation. During the last years, more than 20,000 visits have been made to schools across the country while more than two (2) million classic moneyboxes, a symbol of savings in Greece, were given in that context.

This year the special restrictions due to the pandemic crisis do not allow events such as visiting schools to take place. However, Eurobank consistently emphasizes the message of savings through its innovative services and deposit products, steadily investing in initiatives that enhance and reward the savings culture.

An indicative development is that Eurobank emerged as the "Most Innovative Savings Bank in Greece 2020", according to the internationally renowned financial magazine World Finance.

The Bank won this award for the second (2nd) consecutive year, with the magazine emphasizing that Eurobank fully achieves its target to become the most mature digital bank in Southeast Europe. Persistent investment in human resources, innovative digital services and technical infrastructure, characterize the Bank's strategy toward this direction, by developing competitive, tailor – made solutions, capabilities and new options for each customer category.

Through a comprehensive framework of initiatives and deposit products aiming to the customers’ best interest and provision of complete services, in the light of contemporary trends and digital banking development, Eurobank constantly supports, in practice, every savings effort. The long-term support in the deposit accounts "Growing up", "Saving" and "Large Savings Bank" is indicative, through rewarding and providing incentives.

Focusing on children’s awareness toward this direction, Eurobank collaborates with the Museum of Greek Children's Art which created a special thematic for savings and the contemporary meaning the concept has acquired, through a special visual program under the title "What I want most".

A video follows, in the context of Eurobank’s cooperation with the Museum of Greek Children’s Art._