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New deposit-investment product EUROSMART

Eurobank EFG has risen up the time deposit rate at 6% in EUROSMART. It is an innovative banking product, with favorable terms in participation, which combines effectively a term deposit and an investment in mutual funds.

With a minimum amount of € 20,000, EUROSMART investors may now benefit from a high rate of 6% in a six-month time deposit on the 50% of the investing capital and a high potential for satisfactory returns –regardless the markets’ performance– on the remaining 50% of the investing capital. 

This potential, that comes through an “all-weather” investment in the mutual fund Eurobank EFG (LF) All Weather Plus which combines capital protection and satisfactory returns, provides a prospect to all investors to benefit from the market movements no matter the fund performance of a twenty selected equities’ portfolio is positive of negative.

The new launch of EUROSMART is added in the long-established series of EUROSMART products that Eurobank EFG successfully offers to its investors.