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EFG Eurobank Makes a Dynamic Entry into the Internet

EFG Eurobank Makes a Dynamic Entry into the Internet
As of today, EFG Eurobank's clients will find a wide range of services awaiting them at the bank's redesigned web site, at
The first package of Internet services, along with Eurobank's plans for the further development of electronic banking, were presented at a press conference today by Nicolaos Nanopoulos, EFG Eurobank CEO, Byron Ballis, General Manager, Retail Banking, Dimitris Mavroyannis, Director, Electronic Banking Unit, and Petros Angelakis, Assistant General Director, Technology and Systems.The development of integrated banking services via the Internet, said the speakers, marks a new era in relations between EFG Eurobank and its clients, and is part of a broader strategy for the development of electronic banking (e-banking) involving the greatest possible use of the possibilities offered by the new technologies and information science. The services offered by EFG Eurobank via the Internet will be constantly enhanced and developed so as to meet the requirements of all clients as comprehensively as possible. There will be services for corporate clients, small businesses, professionals, and private clients in the area of mortgages and consumer credit, as well as services related to the bank's savings, investment and insurance products. By visiting the redesigned and user-friendly EFG Eurobank web site at, clients can: 1. Conduct a number of transactions directly linked to the bank's products and services. More specifically, they can:
  • obtain information about their accounts and transfer money from one account to another or to accounts held by other parties with EFG Eurobank
  • settle credit card bills
  • obtain information about, and submit applications for, the bank's products and services (loans, investments, savings)
  • send e-mails about matters concerning their business with the bank. All e-mails will be answered. 2. Monitor developments on the Athens Stock Market and conduct transactions there. More specifically, they can:
  • monitor the day's Stock Market session in real time
  • keep track of their portfolio and carry out stock-market transactions directly, giving orders to buy and sell shares
  • monitor the course of their orders by intra-day trading
  • monitor the value of their portfolio. 3. On the basis of their personal portfolio (wherever it may be held), plan investment scenarios and monitor their progress (virtual portfolios). All on-line services are absolutely secure and the bank guarantees all transactions.
    In order to further assist clients of EFG Eurobank to make the most of the service potential of the Internet, the bank has arranged for its clients to receive special preferential rates from Hellas On Line.