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EFG EUROBANK Invests in Education - Corinthia

On Friday 20 October 2006, the best students of the region of Corinthia received their awards from Eurobank EFG during a special ceremony at the Isthmia Prime Hotel in Corinth. This ceremony is the 13th in a series of 32 events organized by Eurobank EFG in all the country's prefectures as part of its "The Great Moment for Education" sponsorship programme.

The sponsorship programme, "The Great Moment for Education”, which was launched by Eurobank EFG in 2003, is implemented with the support of the Ministry of Education and is one of the most important sponsorship initiatives of the Eurobank EFG Group that has chosen to be actively involved within the community by lending its support to the fields of Education, Culture, Environment and Sports. Through this programme, awards have been given until today to 4,000 students in Greece who have obtained the highest marks and who are the most vibrant message of progress for our society.


The main aim of the “The Great Moment for Education” programme is to reward young people's efforts in their pursuit of knowledge and to recognize those who have achieved excellence and who represent a prospect and guarantee for the future.


Eurobank EFG wishes by means of these symbolic awards to promote the timeless significance of the values that inspire and guide young people as they strive for a worthy future marked by creativity and innovative thinking.


In the context of the programme, which concerns over 230,000 pupils graduating from senior high school throughout Greece, Eurobank EFG rewards each year the pupi1s who achieved the highest marks for admission to tertiary education in each of the 1,300 high schools in Greece, public and private, daily or evening.


The award is accompanied by the amount of € 1,000, which is deposited in a savings account at a Eurobank EFG branch in the relevant city.

The following dignitaries honoured the event with their presence: the representative of the Metropolitan of Corinth Amvrosios, Corinth MPs Ms. Athena Korka-Consta and Angelos Manolakis, the Deputy Regional Governor of Corinth Apostolos Papafotiou, the President of the Corinth Bar Association Demetrios Conomodis, Corinth Municipal Councillor Constantinos Argyropoulos, Nemea Municipal Councillor Nicolaos Dalivigas, the President of the Corinth Chamber of Commerce.

Vasilis Nanopoulos, the Director of Corinth General Hospital Constantinos Loumanis and many representatives of primary and secondary education as well as members of the region's economic and social life.

In his short address, the representative of the Metropolitan of Corinth Amvrosios who took the floor first, congratulated Eurobank EFG for its support to the best students to whom he wished much success in their future studies and congratulated them for their awards.

Corinth MP Angelos Manolakis who followed noted that Eurobank EFG should be congratulated for investing in young people who represent each country's future and commended young people for their efforts to gain admission to university.

The Director for Secondary Education in Corinth, Constantinos Loumanis, in turn congratulated the students for their efforts throughout their school years, the parents for supporting their children and the teachers for their contribution. He also commended Eurobank EFG for its initiative that shows how society should reward young people in the attainment of their objectives.

The recipients of the Eurobank awards for the region of Corinthia are:

1.  Vasiliki Giannakaki, Corinth 3d Comprehensive School

2.  Apostolos Dagres, Velos Comprehensive School

3.  Panagiotis Dalivigas, Nemea Comprehensive School

4.  Georgia-Danae Kalantzopoulou, Corinth 4th Comprehensive School

5.  Constantina Laskou, Xylocastro Comprehensive School

6.  Christos Mikros, Corinth 1st Comprehensive School

7.  Theodora-Maria Bakoli, "Aristoteleio" Comprehensive School

8.  Maria Nasioti, "Katsouli" Comprehensive School

9.  Georgios Pappas, Corinth 2nd Comprehensive School

10. Vasilios Papaspiliotopoulos, Loutraki Comprehensive School

11. Angelos Kissa, Kiato 1st Comprehensive School

12. Ioannis Braimakis, Kiato 2nd Comprehensive School

13. Heleni Nicoleta Golfinopoulou, Derveni Comprehensive School

14. Alexandra Mikrou, Hiliomodio Comprehensive School

15. Ioannis Bourdalis, Vrahati Comprehensive School

16. Ioannis Siator, Goura Comprehensive School

17. Panagiotis Christodoulou, Zevgolati Senior Classes.